Huts, peaks & uplands

Chiemgau's mountains offer everything that ambitious walkers and mountain-lovers could imagine. The walks over the gently rolling hills or in the flat moors and fenlands are a real pleasure.

Huts, peaks & uplandsHuts, peaks & uplands

Chiemgau's alpine huts: Experiences, tradition and pleasure in Bavaria

A walk to one of the many rustic Chiemgau alpine huts makes it easy to forget normal life. You wander through stunning nature to the huts, either on well-constructed forest tracks that are even suitable for pushchairs, or on a delightful hiking trail.

A walk through the alpine meadows simply has to include a

  • typical "Brotzeit" snack with a
  • glass of milk or a delicious Bavarian beer
  • cheese or sausage sandwich

The Chiemgau alpine huts have a great tradition:

They have

  • been running in the Chiemgau since the early Middle Ages
  • played a key role in preserving the area's magnificent natural and cultural landscape

Chiemgau's peaks: Altitude, views and nature

The summit of Chiemgau's local mountains offer everything that ambitious walkers and mountain-lovers could imagine:

Alongside ascents that require a certain level of hiking experience, you also have the option of reaching the summits in great comfort by cable car.

It doesn't matter how you reach the top of the mountain, once there you can enjoy wonderful views of

  • the Chiemgau alpine uplands
  • Lake Chiemsee
  • right as far as the central alpine mountain ranges and, of course,
  • the extraordinary nature

Have your summit experience at the

  • Hochfelln (1,674 metres) near Bergen,
  • Rauschberg (1,645 metres) near Ruhpolding
  • Dürrnbachhorn (1,776 metres) near Reit im Winkl
  • Rechenberg (1,161 metres) near Oberwössen
  • Hochgern (1,747 metres) near Unterwössen
  • Gamsknogel (1,750 metres) near Inzell or
  • Geigelstein (1,808 metres) near Schleching

Here you can find hiking tours for the Chiemgau Alps (German) 

Chiemgau alpine uplands: Flora, fauna and water

The Chiemgau alpine uplands were formed and shaped during the last Ice Age. The numerous

  • lakes
  • rivers
  • moors
  • and fenlands

provide a habitat for a wide variety of flora and fauna.

The walks

  • over the gently rolling hills,
  • around Lake Chiemsee
  • Lake Waging
  • or in the flat moors and fenlands

are a real pleasure for young and old.

You are invited to enjoy both a wonderful walk and to learn something about the Chiemgau alpine uplands by

  • the Moor Trails in Inzell
  • through the Kendlmühl Fenlands near Graussau or
  • through the Schönramer Fenlands

Take a tour with a Lake Chiemsee nature guide to find out more about the local nature of the Chiemgau alpine uplands and the magnificent landscape.

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Another great way of discovering the diversity of the local birdlife is to visit one of the 10 birdwatching huts around Lake Chiemsee.